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Japan lnternational Cultural Exchange Foundation


ESTABLISHMENT September30,1988  permitted by the Ministry of Education 

ADDRESS  2-15-5-207 Shoto, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0046, JAPAN
         TEL 81-3-3467-7422・7316  FAX 81-3-3467-7317
                   E-Mail     URL


PURPOSE    The Japan International Cultural Exchange Foundation hopes to improve human culture and promote world peace through various international                            cultural exchange activities.


PRESIDENT Tsutomu Sakuta, M.D, Ph.D.

                      Graduated from School of Medicine, Keio University

                      President and Prof., Japan University of Health Science(JUHS)

                      President, Kyosaiism practice movement(KPM)

                      President, International Council of Penitentiary (Prison) Medical Services (ICPMS)

                      Chief Editor of International Medical Journal (IMJ)

                      Former President, World Association for Social Psychiatry (WASP)

                 (1)Sending and inviting researchers, artists, and educators
                 (2)Holding lecture meetings and symposia
                 (3)Publishing an organization magazine and other publications



                   (1)The Current President Dr.Sakuta and his group first advocated the “Kyosaiism (Co-Aidism)

                           practice movement ” in 1968.

                   (2)This movement was established by Kyosai-kai. This group held lectures, meetings and workshops for

                           their main projects; improving farm management in Japan and helping foreign students to adapt to Japan.

                   (3)The group reviewed its objectives around 1984. This action recognized the importance of

                            International Cultural Exchange, and to establish it as a separate foundation.

                   (4)The official Establishment was approved by the Minister of Education on September 30, 1988.


President      Tsutomu Sakuta (President, Japan University of Health Science)

Managing director  Masaaki Misumi (Emeritus Professor of Science and Technology, Seikei University)

Managing director  Mitsuhiko Katsumura (Secretary-general, JICEF)

Director          Shigenori Okamoto (A employé of Asahifood and healthcare Company)

Director          Jyunpei Kato(Former professor of Tokiwa University, Former ambassador to Belgium)

Director          Yoshiko Shinohara(Former dental hygienist)

Director          Ikuko Takigawa(Former Tokyo Family Court housework mediation committee)

Inspector           Hiroyuki Kanamori (Certified public accountant)

Inspector          Yoshiko Hoshi  (A former employé of Cosmo Oil Company)

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